Geoff Littlejohn
Rosemary McIndoe

Geoff is a rheumatologist practising in Melbourne, Australia and is director of the Monash Medical Centre, Rheumatology Department. He has been particularly interested in fibromyalgia since his training in Toronto in the late seventies when doctors Harvey Moldofsky and Hugh Smythe were recognizing fibromyalgia as a definable problem. He has continued to explore mechanisms and management strategies for fibromyalgia over the last two decades. He has been interested in the overlap of the fibromyalgia syndrome with other chronic pain syndromes such as whiplash, post-injury low back pain, RSI and overuse syndrome. He has published widely, and talks regularly to health professionals and people with such problems nationally and internationally.


Rosemary is a psychologist and certified Hakomi therapist working with groups and individuals, in Melbourne, Australia, and specializing in body-centred approaches for chronic pain and trauma. Also trained as a physiotherapist, hypnotherapist, and teacher she has developed an integrated approach to self-management of chronic pain currently available on tapes and posters and being developed as an interactive self-study program. Rosemary has trained in both Hakomi Integrative Psychology and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for trauma resolution. She has been an invited speaker and presenter at national and international conferences and offers workshops for health professionals in body-centred approaches.

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