Centre for Non-violent Communication www.cnvc.org

Compassionate Commuication www.psncc.org

EMDR www.emdr.com

Feldenkrais Australia www.feldenkrais.org.au

Hakomi Institute www.hakomiinstitute.com

  • Very comprehensive coverage of the method in “about”
  • Many articles on Hakomi in the journal Hakomi forum (can be downloaded)

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute www.sensorimotorpsychotherapy.org

(formerly called Hakomi Somatics Institute, founded by Pat Ogden)

  • Specializes in trauma resolution through Sensorimotor psychotherapy
  • Follow link to the website “trauma pages” with an article on this approach to trauma resolution

Hakomi Institute of San Francisco www.sfhakomi.org

  • More articles about Hakomi with 2 articles on use of Hakomi with couples

Health Trek www.healthtrek.com.au

  • For purchase of Medi balls and Dura Discs

Kurtz, Ron www.ronkurtz.com

  • The founder of Hakomi, many interesting articles to download

Levine, Peter www.traumahealing.com

  • Author of “Waking the tiger” – an excellent book for clients and practitioners

Miller, Scott www.talkingcure.com

Path out of Pain www.pathoutofpain.com.au

  • Website developed by Geoff Littlejohn and Rosemary McIndoe
  • Information for people experiencing chronic pain/fibromyalgia, and practitioners
  • Psychotherapy section

Pema Chodron www.shambhala.com/pc/index.cfm

Phillips, Maggie http://users.lmi.net/mphillips/

  • Author of “Finding the Energy to Heal” – integrated therapy approaches

Rothschild, Babette http://home.webuniverse.net/babette

Shambala www.shambhala.com

Schema Therapy (Jeffrey Young) www.schematherapy.com

Schinzen Young www.shinzen.org

Sleep Better without Drugs www.sleepbetter.com.au

Thich Nhat Hanh www.plumvillage.org

Thought Field Therapy www.trauma-pages.com/tft.htm (not the main site)

Thubten Chodron www.thubtenchodron.org/index.htm

Trauma Pages (David Baldwin's Trauma Pages) www.trauma-pages.com

  • An in invaluable site giving access to many articles on trauma and valuable links

Wild Mind www.wildmind.org


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