• Understand Chronic Pain
  • Discover Self-Management Skills
  • Learn how to heal yourself
  • Find your Path out of Pain

CD 1 examines various aspects of fibromyalgia and related pain syndromes. Symptoms, causes and management are discussed by Geoff Littlejohn and Rosemary McIndoe with comments from people experiencing these conditions interspersed through the CD. The main message is that these pain syndromes are potentially reversible. This requires commitment to a program of self-management including development of an understanding of the causes, both physical and emotional. Click here.

CD 2 explains the self-management approach in more detail. Relaxation, exercise, attitude and occupation are the four components of this approach. Developing a regular practice of relaxation and exercise can involve learning to set new priorities and developing better skills in time management. Many people with chronic pain have led busy lives and put others before themselves. They need to learn to slow down and develop good self-care. Others need to overcome the fear of being active and returning to work. Developing new attitudes to pain, life and work can provide a path out of pain. Click here.

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